Tell Me You Remember This Too

Don’t let the memory puff,

Into dust,

Into glitter,

Then air.

Think of it,

Think it up,

Hurry before,

It makes,

It’s rush.

If it goes,

It takes me with it,

I don’t expect to be close,

But I can’t let you forget us.

The bus-stop,

Where we met,

After a panicked,

And longed break.

We kissed,

Talked with parents,

We sneaked and had sex in the basement.

After that week ran through fast,

I had to say goodbye again.

You told us not,

To think about,

Your departure,

Because you were blue.

We were an ocean,

Another month,

maybe more apart,

It was breaking,

Our young little hearts.

Splitting our seas apart,

By land,

Stranded on either side,

Crying on the inside.

We goodbye,

Each other’s skin,



Soft cheek,

Last weep,

Wet cheek,

And say goodbye.

“I’ll stay in contact.”

“I will too.”

Tell me you remember this too?